Relevant soft skills for academics

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Tips and tools for personal effectiveness, the winning appearance and mastery of critical situations.

Personal success is difficult to achieve without social skills! Wisdom and expertise alone are not enough these days to get ahead. The more targeted the personal strengths are brought into play and the more precisely the environment is addressed, the better your own effectiveness can be developed.

Social skills play an important role in business life and in the interaction of employees in business organizations. The learned skills thus form an ideal basis for starting a career.

The training conveys the most important social skills in a lively and vivid way as well as concrete examples, which come directly from the practice.



  • Self and public images
  • Self-presentation in professional life
  • Speech and presentation tips
  • Communication in professional life
  • Crisis and Conflict Management
  • Fundamentals of leadership
  • Optimize your own time management
  • Application training and steps into professional life

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