Paul Schütze


1. Why did you decide to study in Magdeburg?
For me, as someone born and raised in Berlin, studying in Berlin was never an option. For many people, this decision comes with astonishment and a lack of understanding. A central campus with short distances between its facilities was an absolute knock-out criterion for me. After six successful years at the OvGU, I feel absolutely confirmed in this and can only recommend that everyone involves it in their decision-making process. A central campus not only provides more time between classes and thus longer breaks but also creates a pleasant atmosphere through the diversity of the faculties on campus.

2. What do your study program and the city have to offer?
Unfortunately, the the city Magdeburg doesn't have the most positive image. Personally, I do not think it does this great university town justice. The city and the university do a lot to make life as pleasant as possible. Various campus events, such as the Uni Olympics or "Instructors Tap" provide a nice change to everyday student life and a relaxed and sometimes even personal relationship with the instructors. During my studies, I have found that it's much easier for students who really give the city an honest chance. I have played for a soccer club in the northern Magdeburg and thus developed a very strong relationship with the city. The city of Magdeburg offers a wide range of possibilities for this.

3. Can you use the knowledge acquired in your studies in your everyday/private life?
At the beginning of my studies, I often caught myself wondering how realistic the program is. This was also due to the fact that mainly basic knowledge is taught in the first semesters. After a while, I realized that you start thinking much more technically in everyday life. One looks at relationships quite differently and automatically shifts one's interests. It is a beautiful feeling to understand and explain relationships that represent a large question mark for many people.

4. Does studying help you focus your goals for the future?
A fellow student once referred to studying as a "great intelligence test". I would add that it is not just a test but also a development process. You learn a lot about self-discipline, efficiency, and determination. These are all qualities not only move your forward in your studies but in life in general. I have made a huge step in this area, especially compared to the first semesters. It also opens up completely new areas of interest. You broaden your horizon and at the same time learn to tackle and answer important questions or problems in any real-life.

5. Has your vision for the future changed during your studies?
I must confess that I did not have a proper vision of the future at the beginning of the studies. I found the study program very appealing, but I had given little thought to the direction in which I should go later on. I don't recommend that freshman students lose too much sleep over this. I am convinced that if you are interested in the course of studies, you will find a suitable job later that will make you happy. If one nevertheless starts to have doubts, the OvGU is well-prepared: I myself have changed my course of study after two semesters without major problems and with little effort within the faculty to a program that is closer to the vision of my future that has developed.

6. What advice do you have for prospective students or pupils who are informing themselves on studying at the OVGU?
Take a trip to Magdeburg and convince yourself of the study conditions! After you have looked at the campus, get a picture of the city. Magdeburg has really nice spots, especially in the summer, riding a bike past the beer gardens along the Elbe River is something I will not quickly forget. Perhaps most importantly: listen to your gut feeling! I spontaneously got on the train and went to Magdeburg. I remember the first time on the campus in front of the library. Something has told me that this will be "my" city to study in. This has happened and I am very happy about it.

7. What career would you like to pursue after graduation?
The industrial engineering program opens up a huge range of possibilities. Many from my class tend to move towards the field of research engineers, who are involved in various development projects. It also allows you to enter into the management or planning area. Personally, project management for regenerative plants is a focal point since it is the intersection of technical knowledge and economic responsibility. I could not have answered this question at the beginning of my studies. You develop an idea through various internships and other insights into the professional world, however - so, prospective students, do not be afraid!

8. Are you involved in other projects besides the university?
My bachelor's and master's thesis both allowed for me to become integrated into publications of related topics. I wrote my bachelor's thesis at the OvGU, my master's thesis for an Irish company in Dublin. In both cases, I felt that the work was very rewarding. It is fun to be involved in projects, especially if you feel like you are contributing your part as an "expert". As captain of my soccer club, I was also strongly committed, for example, in the recruitment of new students of the OvGU.

9. Why should one chose the Uni Magdeburg/FVST?
The choice of the place of study is already a very big and important decision, which is something to be aware of. This choice is not purely about your studies, but about an overall package, which should make you very happy over the coming years. The OvGU offers great study conditions and an excellent campus, which even students in Halle acknowledge. Various events facilitate the integration into university life. The city itself has impressive spots and offers a variety of possibilities to enjoy your wonderful time as a student as much as possible.

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